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Real Estate Development Consultancy
Retail Development Consultancy
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International Project Development


TIRCA is an international communication network created by independent individuals and institutions who have the same values ​​and business philosophy and are experts in their geographies on retail development. The communication network in question provides consultancy services on the highest level of retail development and establishment of business partnerships in a wide geography from North and Central America to Western and Central Europe, from Scandinavia to Turkey and Australia.

Sarici Consulting is the Turkish partner of the organization in question.






Directing and carrying out the negotiations with landlords, technical staff (architects, engineers etc.), lawyers, municipality, relevant ministries, public institutions including the general directorate of highways etc., developers and investors and all other stakeholders in the legal, technical and commercial scope for the development of lands and existing structures to ensure the maximum benefit in line with the project objectives of the employer and within the framework of relevant legislation for the implementation of the Real Estate Projects

Carrying out the opening activities of street and shopping mall stores in line with the existing and new retailing operations and strategies of the businesses in the growth and concept development of the retail companies, carrying out the negotiations in technical, commercial and legal matters with the relevant managers, architects, lawyers, technical staff, shopping center developers, management companies and owners of the companies in this respect, the signing of contracts and the management of processes related to the openings of stores and subsequent lease agreements.

Conducting meetings with potential persons and institutions for the leasing and sales of the Real Estate Projects (house, office, commercial, hotel, logistics etc.), negotiating and signing contract terms with interested parties and representatives, and following up the subsequent contractual obligations between the parties on behalf of the employer.

Real Estate

Development Consultancy

Residential, commercial, touristic, logistics etc. In the project development processes of existing buildings or parcels with use, zoning plans, renovations, applications, conversion plans, scope and concept studies of the projects, construction contracts in return for flats, rental and sales studies, related owners, developers or both parties are required to prepare the architect, engineer and engineer of the project. etc. carrying out processes with stakeholders and public institutions and providing consultancy services regarding the development of projects.


Development Consultancy

Establishing strategies regarding the concept development and new store opening processes of retail companies, carrying out the opening works of shopping malls and street stores, and managing the construction, development, legal, marketing, etc. of brands. Working in coordination with technical and management staff, conducting negotiations with shopping center developers, management companies and owners on commercial, technical and legal issues, signing rental agreements and managing the subsequent processes, and representing them in national and international organizations.